wood design company Imagine finding a wood designing and engineering company with the equipment to manufacture anything, unlimited capacity, the highest quality standards, unmatched service, and the lowest prices in the marketplace.

At Woodvertising we provide just that by creating an all-star team of different machines ready to create any type and any number of objects, chosen not only by specialty, but also by their track record of quality, service, and dependability.

And since our capabilities and equipment lists are state of the art but the core of our company lies into our team, we not only meet all of your various manufacturing needs, but we can also make recommendations based on what you're trying to achieve rather than a specific piece of equipment we're trying to fill.

Our proprietary technology allows us to quickly search for manufacturing methods based on any parameter you need, making a traditionally laborious process easy, efficient, and painless. And if we manage the process, we guarantee both the quality and your overall satisfaction.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on!

CEO Andrei Constantinescu

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