Usual interaction process

Draw onto a back of a napkin , or send us a complete 3D model . We will be happy to quote your project for you and also help on choosing the perfect material selection. Tell us more about yourself, about your project, about your target and about your customers’ profile. Let’s establish a long lasting partnership.

We can help you build 3D models based onto a picture or a napkin drawing. We will closely study the model along with you and try to improve it from project phase.On request, we can provide realistic 3D renderings of your product.
We will discuss about the material selection for your product. We use high grade products sourced from international brand name suppliers. Please look into couple of materials we are currently using.
No model matches the feel you get when you actually hold the mock-up product in your hands. This is why, for every job we work with mock-up product . After you receive the mock-up, you can send us your feedback and your opinion about the quality of our work . If necessary, we build another mock-up following your feed-back . Once you consider that we have met all your requirements, you will send us the final agreement for the starting of mass production. We commit that at every point our series production will be identical with the accepted sample.
For mock-up delivery we will use standard or overnight carriers . We work with all major shipping company. Please follow this link for shipping and delivery information.
Once you have received the mock-up, we can include every aspect or modification onto our project. We can go from general issues, like for example we totally change the concept to fine tuning like shades of colors or degrees of glossiness of the varnish. In the end, the product will be tuned according to your feedback and to your exact specifications. If required, we will provide a final mock-up subject for approval before starting the mass production.
Once everything is clear , we will start our mass production. If your project requires urgent delivery deadlines, we will immediately supplement our shifts and personnel , work over nights and week-ends just to meet your requirements. Though, we don’t have to forget that even God needed six days to build the world , so please bear with us J.
To take a look at our factory when we have a mass production with a short deadline please click here.
MOQ – stands for Minimum Order Quantity – of course we like good orders with high volume, but we don’t refuse small batches, especially if this comes from a returning customer or on-going contract . Better, if you want to know our opinion about your quantity, please tell us about your project and the estimated quantities.
Transport and installation of large scale wood projects requires experience and care. Where possible, Woodvertising supplies and installs your products itself. In the case of long distances, we work together with reliable and certified transport and installation partners.

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