Caru' cu bere

Wooden POS Materials for restaurants

  • Caru’ cu Bere, a true living legend and also one of the oldest beerhouses in Bucharest, Romania was opened for the first time in 1879 in the old Zlatari inn and, after 20 years it moved to Stavropoleos Street, where it can be found even today. Along the years , Caru' cu Bere one of the most appreciated divertisment places from Bucharest.
  • The beerhouse from Stavropoleos Street is a traditional place, where each object has its own story. It is one of the few places in Bucharest where it seems that nothing has changed, and the architecture reminds, to the ones who step into, why Bucharest was once considered to be the little Paris. The mural paintings, the stained glasses and the carved cross-beams are distinctive elements of the beerhouse. The old time party spirit is still present in these days, the atmosphere reminding of Bucharest's exuberance from the XXth century beginnings.
  • Translating “Caru cu Bere” to English, this means “the chariot with beer”.
  • The concept of tailored branding for premium locations like “Caru’ cu Bere” was implemented by using also our tailored wood products.
  • For these premium locations we produced the chariots which will be used for beer sampling . As you can observe , on the edges of the chariot there are engraved the names of several types of beer. The customer will enjoy the beer samples of each type of beer, served in the beautifully made wooden chariot.
  • Caru cu Bere owners were satisfied with our work and ordered the same concept for another chain of locations in their portfolio – Hanu Berarilor.
  • Hanu Berarilor is a Beer Inn full of cheerfulness and fine meal. A place not very often encountered in Bucharest in the present. A place, where being at table is a habit, not a need. A place where you can taste the best meal, accompanied by cheery liquor, called by people “beer”.
  • For Hanu Berarilor we produced the sampling beer tray similar to the product made for Caru cu Bere.
  • Also, for both locations we produced the oil & vinegar support with real wood beermats. The oil & vinegar support is very stylish and special. Also, the real wood beermats show that the beer you are serving and the location you are being served in are premium , with a strong accent on quality.
  • We used for this project a new type of wood – high temperature treated wood – which is mass colored and waterproof . This represents an advantage because you can not observe when the wood part gets scratched because it has the same color all over.
  • Hanu Berarilor and Caru cu Bere are chains of restaurants part of City Grill group, largest restaurant chain in Romania. We soon explanded to other brands in the group, like for example, the Italian style restaurant , Tratoria Buongiorno, for which we produce the very stylish napkin holders branded with Redd’s beer. For Redd’s napking holder we used premium grade MDF, laser cutted and painted and also poplar plywood printed directly on, for the Redd’s logo

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