Chess set outdoor furniture

  • Our customer , Memo Plus a supplementary pill for good memory, linked its name to a memory game by producing -at our suggestion- large outdoor chess games which were mounted in the universities and colleges backyard. The campaign was nationwide.
  • The product -Memo Plus- made by Wallmark group is an adjuvant therapy for those suffering from forgetfulness, shortened memory retention and symptoms of senility. It can also help increase the comprehension and memory levels of students and people in the workforce.
  • We produced for them real wood large scale chess pieces able to be mounted outdoors
  • We used our CNC turning lathe , our 5 axis CNC router and our top of the line printing equipment in order to produce this really nice project.
  • The height of one pion is approximately 800 milimeters, while the height of the king and queen is aprox 1100 milimeters.
  • Would you be surprised if we’d tell you that all the parts are made in real pine wood and afterwards they are varnish with outdoor resistant coatings ?
  • We also produced the board which was personalized with MemoPlus brand
  • The campaign was very successful and the echo in the media was impressive.

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