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Identity in wood

  • Ciucas Beer is one of the most popular beers in Romania. Its roots lie in Brasov city. CIUCAS PUB is a new Concept Restaurant + Bar opened in Spring 2013 in Downtown Brasov, Romania . Set in a spacious character building on the Historical Center, with seating for over 300 indoor and 200 outdoor, the pub became a meeting point for Brasov beer lovers.
  • Our Mission
    CIUCAS PUB tasked us and our creating partners with the responsibility of creating the ID and developing a brand that would launch this outstanding Pub concept watering hole. Our mission was not only the initial look and feel but to create a personality for CIUCAS PUB that would carry them to launch the concept, opertate and expand. CIUCAS PUB owners were looking to build a solid brand around a non-pretentious, relaxed and humble attitude backed with a love and appreciation for Ciucas Pub beer and great food. The look and voice used for CIUCAS PUB is meant to be related to the natural elements , with a strong accent on the forest , the source for the fresh and clean water the beer is made of.
  • Identity in wood
    The CIUCAS PUB Identity was tailored to have an open market feel to it. References included tailored producing all the necessary object a pub needs to function. We customized everything, and gave a special feeling by making it in real wood. At a close look you can observe real wood menu covers, reserved signs , napkin holders made out of real log trees . Even the lamps in the restaurant are custom made, we used log slices for the bar lighting and tree branches for the ceiling and wall lighting. The result is an environment that you immediately feel comfortable with, as though it has been around for years. While having a cold Ciucas you can touch and feel the real wood used for making the trays and the beer “meters”.
    We went further with our tailored branding and used a sophisticated technology of wood inlay for the tables . So, the logo of the Ciucas Beer, the deer, is not printed or engraved or applied, but inlaid. The tables, the chairs and the benches made in real wood are all designed and manufactured in a way that ties the restaurant and the beer to the nature, to the forest and to the world’s basic elements.
    You can distinguish the high quality of the design and manufacturing . All the parts are machined using latest modern technology like deep laser engraving or direct wood printing or CNC routing, CNC lathing, but due to the design and selection materials the feel is absolutely natural.
  • The results
    The concept for CIUCAS PUB was built around our main and differentiating factor... 'message through wood’. This is one example of the message being strong enough to tie the environment of consumption with product identity.
    The Ciucas Pub was a great success. The decision makers in SabMiller International Group were very pleased by the idea and the implementation of this project and raised the concept from Romania’s local market to a group concept, willing to implement the complete tailored branding in locations all over the world.
    Romania’s Ciucas Pub is up for expansion in the next period, from a flagship location in Brasov to a country-wide concept of pubs and restaurants carefully branded in the same idea.

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